Tracking status doesn't update

Order tracking information will not be available to view immediately after you receive your shipping information. This is no reason to worry, it just means that your package has been processed and your package is now on its way to the Regional Destination Facility of the shipping company. It can take around 7-12 days (after shipment) until the tracking number gets updated. The logistics update time has no influence on how fast your package will arrive.

It is not uncommon for shipments to have certain periods in the shipment lifecycle where the shipment is in transit between updates. Furthermore tracking updates are only available for certain countries. Please allow ample time for your parcel to be processed through your national customs department before you can expect tracking updates to appear on your national postal service website. Contact your local post office for further details if tracking is not available online in your destination country. You can also contact us to support you if there are any issues.

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